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Sports Shooter MemberI just became a member of Sports Shooter. After submitting your application which includes photographs and information about yourself, you have to be approved by the company in order to join. Though I don't know how rigorous the restrictions are you have to meet their standards to be able to become a member. 

I had thought of becoming a member for quite sometime but never pursued it. Now that I'm in a new state I figured it could only help me get my name out more.

I recommend you check out some of the wonderful work on the website beyond my own page. There are some fantastic photographers on the website. I'd especiallly recommend looking at Jeff Adkins and Adam Cairns who are both photographers I know personally.

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Jazz and Blues

One of the last few assignments I did in Columbus was going to the Gahanna Creekside Jazz and Blues Festival to cover Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan. There was a huge crowd, though honestly not as packed as I expected it to be. Here are some of the photos and a video of some of what I saw.

2011 gahanna creekside jazz and blues festival - Images by Tim Norman



2011 Gahanna Creekside Jazz & Blues Festival from Tim Norman on Vimeo.

The video includes a portion of a performance by Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan at night. All the video and audio was shot on a Canon 7d, and though the camera can't quite handle the loud music it does a nice job with a very dark venu. I loved the little bit of trombone at the end. I found him on the street entertaining the crowds. It was a very unique sound.


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Forked Life

I meant to write this post over a month ago, but a few things stopped me. First I just became too busy. Second I wasn't sure what or how to write it. Third I procrastinated because of the first two. Now I've found some time, found what to write and found how to write it. I think.

After 15 years in Columbus, Ohio I have decided to make a big change and move to Denver, Colorado. I've decided to fork my life.
In computer programming when you fork something it means you are splitting off from the original project. For example the open source project OpenOffice, which is an alternative to Microsoft Office, was forked not that long ago by some of the contributing developers. Sun Microsystems was the controlling company of OpenOffice and it was sold to the Oracle Corporation. Unsure of the viability of the OpenOffice project after the sale and wanting to take the project in a new direction, a core group of developers broke off and created LibreOffice based off the work from OpenOffice. They immediately started improving on the program and have had numerous revisions and updates while the original OpenOffice appears to have become stalled.
Generally when a program is forked you take the project and go in a new direction for one reason or another. Sometimes it is frowned upon and other times it is the only option. It is much like finding the proverbial fork in the road and deciding to take the road less traveled. And in a way I guess you could say that is what I'm doing.
I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Oakley, Kansas and tomorrow I will drive the last few hundred miles, unload my over packed car and officially start my life in Denver, Colorado. In the past few months I sold, gave away or junked most of my belongings, and what I couldn't part with or felt I needed, I put into "storage" at my mother's house or packed into my 1999 Toyota Camry.

Photo of a mountian scene from a trip to Colorado around 1999

Will I still be taking photos? You bet. I cannot imagine my life without a camera. It is part of the reason I wanted to come to Colorado.
Will I be doing it as a freelance photographer or as a staff photographer? Yes but to what extent I'm not sure. I don't have a job waiting for me but I wouldn't mind developing some freelance work. I'm initially going to be shooting for myself, and if there is someone who wants to hire me, I probably won't turn them down. 
So what will happen with this website? It will remain a site to display my current work as it has always been and will continue to be developed. I want to dabble my feet more into Drupal which this website runs on. I want to take some great photos and share them here. And I will try to keep a running blog of what is going on in my life beyond just photography. It will still be a place to show off my photography work (and other projects).
For now, I'm going to find a job that will pay the bills like ninety percent of Americans have to do. Denver is a tough photo market and I wouldn't dream of expecting myself to hit the ground running. I'll be concentrating on creating photographs for myself and educating myself about Denver and Colorado. There are a lot of plans and ideas running and bumping around in my head. I am excited and looking forward to the adventure though I admit nervous and a worried as well.
If you happen to know of a job or position, please pass it on. I'm available via the contact page here, Facebook, twitter, linked-in etc, etc. shown at the right.
 (By the way the photo above of the mountains is one I took during a camping trip to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado around 1999.)
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Easter Photo Hunt

Copyrighted Photograph http://www.timnormanphoto.com/

Brenna Fichtner, 12, of Columbus and her cousin Madeline Enright, 5, of Cleveland run back to their parents celebrating Madeline's victory in finding eggs following the annual Bexley Easter Egg Hunt on the back lawn of Jeffrey Mansion on Saturday, April 23, 2011. The Enright's were visiting the Fichtner's for the holiday weekend. The event was put together by the Bexley Celebrations Associations and Bexley Recreations Department along with help from Boy Scout Troop 166 and Girl Scout Troop 50199. The boy scouts filled 1,400 eggs with 22,000 jelly beans for over 600 children and adults to enjoy. For more photographs including another of these two kids take a look at the Easter gallery.

Cute kids with baskets reacting to finding candy in surprise packages tucked away in secret spots. It is a moment filled with emotion and pretty fun to photograph. The challenge is that kids move fast, they move unpredictably and the event is done in 90 seconds. Plus after the egg hunt is over you never know if a parent is going to tell you they don't want their child's photograph in the newspaper. 

So planning ahead and getting a few safety shots is always a good idea. If you take a look at a few of the photos in the gallery, you'll see that I took some before photographs of the setup of the event and a father and son planning out his attack. 

I usually try to photograph at least one child with a parent and get a name before this type of blink-and-it's-over event even if that photo isn't the one I'm going to use. That way I definitely have a name and face I can photograph during the egg hunt. Unfortunately this time around the child I thought would be interesting to photograph ran straight out into the middle of the egg filled yard, picked up one egg and stopped. After a few seconds I had to move on to someone else and hope I could get a name just to make sure I had someone from the event.

The one thing that is guaranteed is that Easter egg hunts are unpredictable. So be prepared to change plans and react to what you are seeing.. Also as a tip for parents, crouching down and photographing your child from your child's eye level or lower often makes for a much more interesting photograph. I wish I would have done it on the above photograph as the rope in the background wouldn't be bugging me as much.

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Style and Substance

The nice thing about houses is they don't move and they don't shy away from a little overexposure. So when I got the assignment to photograph the Decorators' Show House in Upper Arlington I new it would be interesting.

Over 15 years as a photojournalist I've shot my share of houses. First starting outA house not in shape to be photographed with an overgrown front yard. I photographed houses for a weekly ad given to local realtors by the weekly newspaper. It was usually either an easy assignment or a hard assignment. I cannot count the amount of times I've rolled up to a house to photograph and discovered it wasn't in shape to be photographed. The lawn was unkempt or there were trees limbs and other items strewn every where that had be picked up or moved before a photo could be taken. I once drove up to a house with laundry hanging on the front porch and no one home, and another to a house just starting to break ground on construction. It is sort of hard to show off a house when you cannot see it.

Looking at it as a glass half full, I usually only had to get two or three photographs that fit a specific size and the issues always helped me challenge myself to find a new way to hide a blemish or new angle to photograph from. Sometimes the realtor or home owner would be there so I could photograph the inside of the house.

For this assignment, I knew I was walking into a house ready to be the centerfold. I just had to find ways to show off the rooms and the decorators' work as best as possible. I only had a limited amount of time and I wasn't taking photographs for a decorator's magazine where each rooms gets an hour of detailed attention and lighting. At most I spent 5 minutes in a room before moving on to the next, and I worked with the lighting presented to me or added a bit with a flash to help me out.

It is difficult sometimes presenting a decorator's work into images because the a photograph looks differently than actually being in a space and absorbing the nuances in person. When you walk into a room you are hit by a wide view, smells, colors and textures that don't always translate easily into a photograph. The eye is also much more forgiving with color temperatures of light as well as high contrast changes in a scene than film or a digital camera, but those differences can be used to advantage. 
The objective is to find an interesting angle to show some of what I believe is the decorator's intent or to show off as much of the things I find interesting about a room. For the most part it was easy with this house. I had a bit of difficulty with a hallway that was decorated but not because of the decorator. The electric lights were being fixed in the hallway and weren't working at the time that I took the photos. So I used a bit of improve lighting while working with a bit of natural lighting coming from a window. Some of the rooms were still works in progress since there was over a week left till it was being opened to the public for viewing. 
The Decorators' Show House at 4125 Oxford Drive in Upper Arlington, Ohio will be open April 30 to May 22. For ticket prices and hours check out ColumbusDecoratorsShowHouse.com and a story about it at ThisWeek News
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